Litigation finance from lexstone

LexStone brings unique capabilities to your dispute resolution process. Our products may be used to finance many of the expenses associated with litigation. Capital provided by LexStone is off-balance sheet and non-recourse, allowing businesses to hedge litigation risks using custom tailored financing solutions. Our financing products may be used to supplement working capital and to pay for personal expenses. 

Unlike a loan that must be repaid regardless of a claim’s outcome, our litigation finance products have unique characteristics that add value to the resolution of your dispute.



Unlike conventional loans, lawsuit funding is non-recourse, secured by the proceeds of your claim and not the cash-flow of your business or your personal assets.



Litigation financing is similar to a venture capital transaction and does not require monthly payments. LexStone is paid directly from the proceeds of your settlement.



LexStone bears the risk of loss. We are paid only if you win or reach an out-of-court settlement. If you are unsuccessful in your claim, you will not be obligated to pay LexStone.