From application to funding in less than 30 days


1. Call LexStone at (877) 253-5531 or apply online.  An underwriter will immediately review your funding request.  The parties may enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement at this point.

2. LexStone will contact your management team and your attorneys to request supporting documentation. These documents can be mailed, faxed or e-mailed to us. After we receive hard-copy documents, they are scanned, the originals are shredded, and they are stored on secure servers.

3. Our underwriters will review supporting case documents and will speak to your legal team. Our method strictly adheres to a policy of preserving privilege and confidentiality. If we determine that a claim meets our investment criteria, we will forward a term sheet and funding agreement to your designated managers.

4. If the parties agree to the terms of the prospective investment, LexStone will undertake to perform its final underwriting review, which may last anywhere from 30 to 60 days. The review will include a rigorous examination of the legal merits, interviews with the legal and management teams, as well as a background checks of the relevant parties. Following this review, LexStone will either ratify the making of the investment or reject the investment.   If the investment is ratified, there may be additional steps necessary to properly structure the transaction.

5. After the investment is made, LexStone will frequently monitor the development of the claim, its procedural status, and will communicate with the legal and management teams on a regular basis.

6. Upon resolution of your claim, your attorneys will pay us directly from the proceeds of the case.