Litigation Finance is aligned with your practice

Law firms involved in complex litigation are often faced with clients who have highly meritorious cases but are unable or unwilling to pay their mounting litigation expenses. LexStone bridges the gap for clients experiencing financing constraints by providing strategic capital in return for a portion of the plaintiff’s future recovery.

Our service is complimentary to your practice, providing your firm the ability to receive payment as well as guaranteeing adequate financing until the resolution of the claim.

The core of our team is comprised of legal professionals who understand the various risks inherent in complex litigation. LexStone's lawsuit funding can be arranged at any stage in the life cycle of a claim and can be structured to accommodate either a contingency fee or hourly fee model.

In addition, LexStone offers a wide range of products for law firms with contingency portfolios that enable firms to monetize their future returns.

We understand the ethical and professional constraints lawyers face in their interaction with clients and third parties. Through our consultations with leading legal ethics practitioners, LexStone has developed products that maintain the privileges and ethical considerations that are fundamental to the legal profession.