Capital for your legal claim

There are circumstances when a company or individual must enforce their rights against another party, either through litigation in court or arbitration. For many, resorting to a lawsuit may seem like a significant or inconvenient setback. A legal claim may have merit but proceedings can take several years before a resolution is reached. In the meantime, plaintiffs are faced with mounting litigation expenses and must also cover the operating expenses of their businesses.  

Litigation is expensive. For many, a lawsuit is a critical event in their company’s or personal history. Plaintiffs often find they have an excellent case but lack the financial resources to effectively prosecute their claim. Similarly, claimants may not wish to spend their own capital on litigation.

Litigation is also extremely time consuming. Managers will spend hours away from the business while participating in lengthy depositions, meeting with attorneys, engaging in discovery, and making necessary court appearances. This results in significant resources being diverted from the operation and growth of the company.

Worse yet, many plaintiffs will suffer personal financial distress when their livelihood is affected as a result of a lawsuit.

LexStone can help you finance the expenses associated with litigation, improve your balance sheet, and offer financial certainty. We provide funding on a non-recourse basis and you pay us only if the claim is successful and money is recovered from the defendants.

Our investment structures can finance any or all of the following:

  • legal fees
  • case costs, including experts
  • business working capital
  • remove liabilities from balance sheet
  • purchase of judgments