what we do

Using a broad range of investment structures, LexStone’s investments are intended to improve our clients’ ability to further their claims.  In a typical transaction, LexStone helps pays certain litigation expenses in return for a portion of the proceeds from the case upon resolution.  Similarly, our investments may also be used to provide critical working capital to companies involved in litigation and for personal expenses of the business owners.

LexStone works to level the playing field for plaintiffs.  Our principal goal is to provide our clients with financial choices that reduce risk and maximize their claim's value.

Our investment structures can finance the following:

  • legal fees
  • case costs, including experts
  • business working capital
  • remove liabilities from balance sheet
  • purchase of judgments

LexStone typically invests in claims with a value in excess of $5,000,000.  Please click here to find out more about your eligibility for our services.


Provides financing options to legal teams that are aligned with professional responsibility.


Capital is available for many types of claims, including commercial claims and complex tort.